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A Kansas Jayhawks podcast by fans for fans.

November 16, 2022

Episode 183 - Welcome to Hoops Szn

Fellas are back to talk all things Champ Classic, expectations for the squad, Jalen/Gradey/Juan and more. Also chat a bit about KU vs. Texas football and potential bowl games. Come on in and have a listen!

October 11, 2022

Episode 182 - JD and the Beanhawk

The fellas are back recapping Gameday/TCU, previewing OU, talking expectations with Bean and JD, crediting KU's decided schematic advantage, making some predictions about the rest of the season, and a little tiny Late Night preview. Have a listen, and rock chalk!

September 20, 2022

Episode 181 - Keep Lance in Lawrence (And We Turned 10!)

The fellas are BACK to talk undefeated football school Jayhawks, JD's Heisman PR Campaign, ways to ensure a sellout, a strategy for ensuring Lance stays in Lawrence, and a special birthday celebration for the Jayhawk Talk Podcast turning 10 years old with this episode. We also dream about bowl game options and come up with our new booster club idea. Have a listen and ROCK CHALK!

May 30, 2022

Episode 180 - Still Champs! (Plus RCRB Classic Preview w/ Hanni)

The fellas are back to reminisce a bit about being CHAMPS. Lots of talk about where the guys are going, decisions yet to be made, and a little tiny preview about what the team may look like next year. But a lot of the episode is devoted to hearing from our guy Brian Hanni about the Rock Chalk Roundball Classic - one of the best events in Lawrence every year. Have a listen!


Rock Chalk!

April 25, 2022

Episode 179 - KU Champ Game Twitter Spaces Recording (Recorded Immediately After the Buzzer)


We sat on this one for a few weeks, but if you want to re-live the immediate after the buzzer feeling, we recorded it for all of time. This was all over the place, predictably, given our shock and excitement of what had just transpired. Features about a hundred people who jumped up on stage to say something over the course of three hours. Some laughs, some cries, and too many drinks consumed by yours truly. It was a fun evening, and one we'll remember forever. We can watch the recording of the game. But we'll never be able to recreate the feeling right after -- except with this recording. Have a listen if you'd like. 

Special thanks to Andy at the Rock Chalk Pod for helping us get the recording. 


April 7, 2022

Episode 178 - Championship Celebration (JTR)

The fellas are back to talk all things CHAMPIONSHIP. They are joined by Voice of the Jayhawks, Brian Hanni to talk about the Ochai Hug and the final call. They talk Ochai legacy, Self #2, Big Dave's MOP snub, Mount Rushmore of KU greats, next year, and more. 

April 6, 2022

Episode 177 - Jayhawk Talk Takeover of The Drive on 610

Kevin and Andrew join 610 Sports' Rob Brenton to kick out host Carrington Harrison and take over The Drive on 610 Sports Tuesday afternoon. They talk all things CHAMPIONSHIP. Come have a listen! Rock Chalk CHAMPS!

April 1, 2022

Episode 176 - Twas the Night Before Tipmas

A free-flowing chat to put a capstone on all things Final Four Week, the fellas talked everything from Ochai legacy to Remy's place in KU lore to Eric Church to Superstitions and more. Now it's time to roll the ball out there and see where the chips fall - hopefully in our favor. Let's gooooooo.

March 30, 2022

Episode 175 - Final Four Countdown (JTR)

The fellas are back talking ALLLLL THINGS FINAL FOUR. They are joined by John Fanta of Fox Sports and Field of 68 -- and VOICE OF THE BIG EAST to help us preview Nova. We also talk with former player and coach and now broadcaster, Rex Walters, who knows a thing or two about a Final Four with blue bloods. And then a WHOOOOLE bunch of other awesome stuff, including the "radio" debut of "Remy Diggity." Have a listen and get HYYYYYYYPE for this weekend. Rock Chalk!

March 29, 2022

2022 Final Four Playlist

Final Four Tickets? Check. Lucky Shirt? Check. Bourbon street hotel room? Check. The only thing left is the Jayhawk Talk Final Four Playlist. Here it is! Play it loud. Play it on repeat. Play it until your iPhone dies. If you enjoy as much as we think you will, please support the artists contained here by visiting the links below. Rock Chalk!
Intro (0:00-3:45)
1. B DOUBLE E - "Jayhawkers" (3:45 – 8:28)
2. Kansas Basketball Band - Alma Mater and Rock Chalk Chant (8:28 – 10:49)
3. Belzo-o - "Hawk Nation" (10:49 – 15:04)
4. Bill Self Press Conference (15:04 – 17:48)
5. Krizz Kaliko – "Game On" (17:48 - 20:54)
6. Kinney - "Rock Chalk Jayhawk") (20:54 - 24:42)
7. Bic Media - "Love that Crimson Blue" (24:42 - 27:39)
8. Bill Self 2008 National Title Speech (27:39 - 28:59)
9. Perry Lockwood - "Rock Chalk" (28:59 - 31:41)
10. Merqury - "F.O.E." (31:41 - 35:08)
11. B DOUBLE E - "The McLemore" (35:08 – 37:40)
12. Kansas Marching Jayhawks - "Kansas Song" (37:40 - 39:02)
13. RedHead - "Frank Mason" (39:02 – 43:04)
14. Kevin Mechtley - "Ma'am I'm Hunter Mickelson" (43:04 - 46:40)
15. B DOUBLE E - "Red and Blue KU" (46:40 - 50:16)
16. Kansas Glee Club - "I’m a Jayhawk" (50:16 - 52:00)
17. RedHead - "Frank Mason 2.0" (52:00 - 54:56)
18. Kevin Mechtley - "Mitch I'm Lightfoot" (54:56 - 59:12)
19. Dean Gash - "Rock Chalk" (59:12 – 1:02:02)
20. RedHead - "Free DTAE" (1:02:02 - 1:04:49)
21. Kevin Mechtley - "We Didn't Win the Title" (1:04:49 - 1:09:06)
22. Matt Easton – "Rock Chalk" (1:09:06 - 1:12:22)
23. Lucid - "Rock Chalk Anthem" (1:12:22 - 1:15:06)
24. Kansas Basketball Band – Wave the Wheat, Fight Song (1:15:06)
25. ???????????
Please support these artists below:  
Bic Media –@bicmedia; www.bicmedia.com
Matt Easton - @MattEastonMusic; https://www.slawjawmcgraw.com/